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Job description

Do you have experience in landscaping or are your fingers already green enough to get started as a Groundskeeper? Then we have work for you! We are looking for Gardeners, Groundskeepers and Landscapers in the central part of the Netherlands

In this work you will be responsible for the placement or maintenance of private gardens, municipal green spaces and (semi)governmental institutions. Your job responsibilities can include: hoeing, pruning and maybe using brush cutters, chain saws and leaf blowers. We look at your interests and possibilities and match you on a project that best suits your qualities.

Besides a nice workplace and the possibility to expand your experience, you can also take different courses whilst working at Groene Hart Service. Do you want to learn how to mow and obtain a certificate for this? Maybe to obtain a chain saw certificate? Or would you like to have an ‘E’ behind your previously obtained B driving license? We like to think along with you!

With mutual satisfaction, you can work for a longer period of time in landscaping.

Required education, skills and qualifications

  • You are in possession of a VCA certificate (basic safety) or are willing to obtain it through us;
  • You have experience in landscaping or affinity with this branch;
  • You how you get your hands dirty and are physically in good condition;
  • You are preferably in possession of a driving license B (E).

Employment / Industry

Company Profile

Groene Hart Service Personnel Services takes care of the recruitment, selection and employment at the company where you go to work. If you work at GHS you can count on honesty and reliability. You receive your salary and pay slip weekly and you can contact our planners 24/7. We regularly evaluate your work with you and development also plays an important role!

Interested in this job?You can apply below for this job by filling in the reply form and mail your motivation and CV to us. Do you want more information first? Please give us a call on 030-2801006 or send an e-mail to

  • You can also email your CV to the address at the bottom of the vacancy.