GHS: Enjoyment in Employment!

Are you looking for a job? GHS Employment Agencie has vacancies in various branches, for example construction, recycling, gardening, logistics and many moren.

A good conversation is half the work!

You are more than welcome at one of our offices for an acquaintance interview. During this interview we want to get to know you; what kind of job are you looking for, what is your work experience and what are your aspirations? We will discuss the vacancies that we have available. If there isn’t a good match among these vacancies, then we shall ¬†Mocht jouw baan hier niet tussen zitten, we will be using your data to¬†intercede with our clients.

Safety first! 

GHS Employment Agency finds it very important that employees start their work well prepared. So we will make sure that you have all the necessary “personal protection products”, such as construction helmets and safety goggles. You also are aware of the applicable operating rules, and know the safety instructions.
Knowledge is power! At GHS Personnel, we find it important that you have the right knowledge. If for example, you do not yet have a certificate Basic Safety (VCA1), we ensure that you can obtain this certificate from us! We offer many different vocational training programs / courses to ensure you an even stronger foundation for now and in the future.

What we expect from you

First of all we are looking for motivated candidates who know how to tackle. What we expect more from you is that you honor your commitments, you are on time at work and if you are unexpectedly ill you pass this right.